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June 2, 2011 at 5:42 pm Leave a comment

It’s been more than a year since I’ve updated this site. Not because I’m out of beta; not because I’m magically healed; not because I’ve ‘moved on’—because you never really do move on from widowhood; you just learn to cope with it.

This blog was started at a time when I really needed the extreme grief outlet, but also at a time when I couldn’t bring myself to share everything with everyone. Some of that was the negative response I got to my public displays of grief from some people, but some was also my own uneasy feelings with sharing my grief alongside my mundane or even happy thoughts and activities.

So I started a personal blog (Just Frances) a few months after I started this one, keeping my grief here. But slowly, I started to share more and more of my emotions over at Just Frances. And eventually, I stopped posting here because I was getting everything I needed there.

Of course, that means I’ve left readers of Frances 3.0 out in the cold—you’ve gotten the grief but you’ve been denied the ability to see that beta models have some pretty awesome things happening along with the glitches.

To that, this will [most likely] be my last post here, and instead I’m offering a formal invitation to you to join me over at Just Frances: Made with 100% pure awesomeness.

If you’ve stumbled on this blog as a grieving widow(er), I hope that my other blog can stand as proof that—no matter how much widowhood sucks—there are happy futures out there for those who seek them. (Sadly, the grief still seems to tag along!)

If you’ve stumbled on this blog as a reader of Just Frances, I hope you don’t take this ‘other blog’ as some sort of emotional secrecy or blog affair. The apartheid was one of my [many] coping mechanisms.

If you’ve always been a follower of both: Aren’t you glad to know that my insanity will now be consolidated?

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