I’m a newly-widowed 35-year-old teetering on the edge of insanity; learning to breathe again; charting a new future around the crumbled remains of the old one.

This blog is really to serve my own selfish need to “get it all out there” and to act as a precursor to a more major piece of work at some random point in the future. It’s for my own peace of mind, almost as if I’m sharing my thoughts with the ethers, but I hope that others may find it useful, too – maybe as a way to better understand what I’m going through or what a recently-widowed loved one is going through. Or, sadly, maybe someone else may be stumble upon my ramblings because they, too, are in the unfortunate reality that I’m living and are looking for someone to identify with.

The posts to follow may be full of heartache one day and laughter the next. They may be disturbing, they may be comforting, and they may be a hodge-podge of emotion all at once. But then, I’m full of emotions these days.


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